We all occasionally feel as if our lives are spiraling out of control. Sometimes all we need is a little extra help to get us back on track. If you struggle with issues such as an eating disorder, self-image, depression, anxiety, or any of the other areas listed below, you are doing the right thing by seeking help from a qualified professional.

Dr. Frisbie has a holistic approach to therapy, believing that treatment should address all aspects of a person’s life. Although a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, she has extensive experience working with a wide variety of issues.

If you think that Dr. Frisbie might be the right person to partner with you as you move to a healthier place in your life and relationships, feel free to call her with any questions or concerns you may have.

  • anorexia
  • binge eating
  • bulimia
  • exercise addiction
  • trauma
  • self injury
  • obsessive compulsive behavior
  • depression
  • anxiety